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With EMMA, you manage your clients and properties in a few simple steps. EMMA's intuitive, user-friendly design and management tools designed by experienced real estate agents make your daily business easier and noticeably more efficient.



All Inclusive

We activate what your agency really needs from EMMA's wide range of functions to create your perfect assistant.

And if your way of working does change, reconfiguration is included free of charge.

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You won't believe what EMMA can do!

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To maximize compatibility and efficiency with EMMA, we offer you a combo deal: a website that works seamlessly with EMMA tailored to your needs by our design specialists.

Peter P.

I have been working in the real estate industry for a long time and have witnessed many innovations that have modernized the industry. EMMA is one of these innovations, but it has not only modernized the industry, it has completely revolutionized it. EMMA creates real estate brochures and descriptions by itself. The software also handles the matching process between properties and customer requests. The tasks that used to take a lot of time and nerves are now solved in an instant by EMMA. I am really happy!

Christina H.

First of all, I'm not good with computers. So far, I have always relied on my employees in the office when it came to computer tasks (except for writing emails). I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical at first when my employees wanted to try this new program for my agency. During the trial version, I took a closer look at the program and even tried it out myself. Honestly, I am thrilled. I can now have EMMA do everything on the computer. I'm no longer dependent on my employees and all of our business processes have been improved.

Marco S.

Ever since my agency switched to EMMA, our processes have been running way smoother. EMMA is a program that replaces the many programs we once relied upon. Instead of having a separate program for each task (for example, creating brochures, customer profiles, data storage), everything now runs through EMMA. A single program that handles everything. I don't even have to mention how good the integration between the different services is. No compatibility problems and no complicated processes anymore. Everything just works as it should.

Anna G.

What used to cost me a lot of time and effort, I now do through EMMA with a few clicks. The functions built into EMMA leave nothing to be desired and fulfill all the necessary tasks of a real estate agency. I recommend this software to anyone looking for a boost in automation, efficiency, and time management.

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